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Enabling Agile Content Production: 3 Solutions for efficient, effective and quality content at scale

Content consumption is at an all-time high, but how can we produce assets at scale to meet demand?  All of the audience targeting and segmentation research in the world will deliver absolutely zero ROI if you don’t have the right piece of content to put in front of that individual – something that will trigger an action, drive relevance or authenticity.

In 2020, many brands found themselves unable to produce new content due to regulations around in-person shoots or a lack of access to historical assets that could be reused in new ways. Preparedness is key for marketers in a world where culture is created in digital channels and consumers expect personalized and valuable experiences.

Here are three ways you can enable your asset production to meet changing needs while ensuring agility and efficiency:

  • Automation – Many brands are taking control of their budgets and driving asset production and creative generation from the center. This is only effective when backed by a strong strategy for localization and versioning. In order to drive local market adoption and usage of assets, look to automation as an effective and efficient way of producing countless assets at scale. There are simple and complex automation capabilities. But to start, picture your next banner ad with a templated headline, image and call to action. All of these fields can be customized and produced at the click of a button.
  • Production Reporting & Data – Speaking of asset usage, do you have an accurate idea of your production investments, how many assets your partners and internal teams are producing, and which of those assets are being downloaded and used by your local markets? Having this visibility is an essential part of the data you should be mining to make smarter content and media investments. At Craft, our cloud-based production process (from briefing through production and delivery) is powered to collect data in countless configurations to deliver such insights. When you pair this data further with media and content performance insights, you are able to deliver integrated reports that allow for rapid and agile improvements to your content strategy and investments. Production data is the missing piece that can bring clarity to your spend.
  • Online Briefing Portal and Intelligent Briefs – Creative briefs and campaigns are constantly changing and impacting asset production for your brands around the globe. At Craft, we offer an online briefing portal that allows our clients to create briefs and instantly receive estimates. It’s a standardized process, which means the back and forth is eliminated and you can quickly see what it will take to push your creative in a new direction. The Intelligent Brief means we can use AI & ML to review the briefs we receive and check them for consistency, brand compliance and look for opportunities to bundle similar asks or reuse past work. The goal of our online briefing portal is to enable our clients to make quick decisions and enable our teams to produce assets in an agile way. Whether your campaign creative is responsive or proactive, we know marketers need this level of flexibility.

Agile production at scale is a marketing imperative and production technology is the key to making that agility a reality. When we talk about tech-powered solutions, it’s not a matter of massive spends and long, customized build-outs. From the time we receive client inputs and tool access, our tech team is able to quickly stand up tech in 10 days, or even less.

Technology powered production is not a thing of the future, it’s essential now. Leveraging these tools is the key to closing the gap in your modern marketing approach and delivering effective, efficient content at scale. If you are interested in seeing what a production technology solution looks like, click here.