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Production Technology is the Starting Point for Driving Brand Transformation

Time to read: 2 minutes

So much of marketing today revolves around content, and at Craft we’re redefining the boundaries of its “production.” It’s not just about making assets or TV commercials, production strategy is the enabler of creativity and business goals. With the right production strategy, powered by technology, we become more than producers and serve as strategic partners in brand management, transformation and growth.

  • Can you guarantee brand quality and consistency?
  • Do your teams truly collaborate?
  • Do you feel agile and flexible?
  • Are you able to produce in times of crisis?
  • Do you have an accurate idea of how much you are producing?

These are the questions brands need to ask themselves to determine if they are truly armed to operate in today’s ever-changing marketing and consumption landscape. Taking control of your brand, messages and content can easily be achieved with a tech-powered production ecosystem.

So what does a production technology solution look like? It’s a streamlined platform for managing the entire content lifecycle from briefing to deployment, and it’s all cloud-based which allows for collaboration across the globe.

This whole process is wrapped up with measurable results. This way, you can create an optimized ecosystem that not only produces state-of-the-art campaigns but also provides visibility on your overall production spend and shows true return on investment.

Many of the problems marketers face can be solved with the right platform, but how does this translate to real cases? These are real results our clients are seeing by adopting technology-driven production strategies:

The right production platform means more than executing; it means saving costs, being more efficient and what’s more important: having more time to tackle other challenges and drive marketing innovation. Investing in the right technology platform allows for an increase in creativity, visibility, speed and a decrease in cost and time. For more information on the benefits of production technology, you can check out this POV.

Where to start.
While this can seem daunting, there are simple ways to get started on the path to establishing a tech-powered production ecosystem. Click here to reach out for more information on our Production Strategy Hack. We’ll provide information on how we can execute a brief discovery and analysis to understand where and how your production strategy can be improved.