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Defining the New Content Studio Model

While the briefs have changed, the process through which many brands bring assets to life is still catching up.

What started as a simple question– “how do we keep up with the demand for digital assets?” has evolved to a meaningful and layered challenge: “How do we deliver personalized authentic experiences, in an efficient and effective way, at global scale?”

At Craft we’re calling for change. An evolved content studio model built on a shift away from makers in siloed studios around the globe executing a linear asset delivery process, to an intelligent machine powered equally by strategy + production + media experts and their data and tech, working against a circular delivery process that drives constant improvement

From Asset Delivery Solutions to Business-Driven Outcomes

The new content studio model goes beyond the team of makers. The truth is we need to think as creators, strategists, marketers, producers and business partners, all in concert. The essential building blocks of the new content studio are:

At Craft, our Intelligent Content Model is our challenge to the traditional content studio concept. It’s a way of working that relies on data, strategy and production to deliver assets that will drive sales and brand value at the speed of digital culture.

Building the Intelligent Content Model

From briefing to delivery, the new content studio model closes the loop between brand, strategy, creative, media, production and performance. Instead of looking at asset creation as the last stop in the content lifecycle, we are connecting data, asset creation and delivery in one operating model.

  • Integrated Reporting & Planning – combination of asset performance, production data and usage data into one view to provide transparency around what works, how you are spending your budget and what to do more or less of.
  • A single way of working – across all brands, regions to drive consistency and quality. This mitigates challenges around asset reuse, low engagement, and execution weakness. By providing one way of working that employs intelligent briefs and meaningful analytics, marketers are enabled to make smarter decisions around asset creation and media spend.
  • Emerging Tech to enhance process – enhancing content production with automation tools, CMP and DCO platforms, Intelligent briefing tools, remote shooting capabilities, AI audio-dubbing – these are just some of the many complementary technologies that can be layered into asset creation process to deliver quality and authenticity at scale.

A Complex Challenge, with a Simple Solution

Just because the challenges we face as marketers are increasing in their complexity, doesn’t mean the approaches to solving them must be equally complex.

Transformation of content delivery comes down to the simple action of collaboration.

If we don’t change the basics about the way we work (connect and share data, capabilities, technology) then nothing will ever change. It’s the only way to building a holistic solution that unlocks unforeseen levels of value for brands, leaving marketing, creative and procurement happy at once. It’s possible.