Globally Effective Content at the Speed of Culture

Today, digital content is driving storytelling and bridging the gap between cultures while creating connections across global communities, making the world a bit smaller.

Regardless of where your content strategy falls on the spectrum of entertainment and product sales, every piece of digital content is designed with the same goal: to have thumb-stopping power.

But there’s a risk as brands try to balance speed and quality at global scale or for diverse audiences. The details, pop culture references, slang, play-on-words, colloquialisms… it is really easy for a message to get lost in translation. That is why transcreation plays such a pivotal role in global and digital content strategies.

Transcreation is relevant now more than ever.
How can we create impactful universal messages when the countries we operate in and target demographics we’re trying to reach have unique experiences and perspectives? Deploying Transcreation allows for creative freedom to look beyond the text itself and focus on developing the meaning and emotions to create an experience for the target audience.

Cultural Consultation is not only about translating the text on the screen but knowing what actually works in the market. Concepts, colors, textures, imagery, and fonts could have a unique impact in every culture. How do you want your consumers to feel when they consume your content? It’s essential to deliver meaningful and authentic experiences in order to drive further action such as a purchase, learn more or even brand loyalty. Cultural Consultation paired with Transcreation will help bring your brand and message to life across your campaign and even effectively penetrate new, unexplored markets and demographics.

Signs you need Transcreation support.
If you have a campaign that hits on the below points, then it’s safe to assume you need a transcreation partner:

  1. Heavily emotive copy or copy that’s deeply engrained in the culture of the target market
  2. References to pop culture and/or use of slang (especially found in social media copy)
  3. Double entendre
  4. Headlines and/or Taglines
  5. The use of images and copy together and/or use of acronyms in order to convey a message
  6. Campaign objectives that include being seen as a local partner/supplier to the target market

At Craft, we solve these types of challenges for our clients every day. Being part of McCann Worldgroup, advertising and creativity are in our DNA, and as such, we deliver value that a translation service provider can’t offer, and we do it at speed and scale.

We have over 3,000 in-market linguists who are all managed by dedicated internationalization project managers located globally.

  • At project brief, we consider not just the culture and language of the target market but the entire creative; the campaign objectives, goals, and the respective industry.
  • Our specialists come back with multiple options that address the copy, the look and feel of the creative, and even advise on how to make it come to life across channels.
  • Our project managers cultivate a strategic partnership, working side-by-side with clients and creative teams.

All of this can happen at speed and scale because of our experts on the ground. Our network is ready to go at a moment’s notice when clients want to deploy timely, trending content or for longer-term consultation around branding, new campaigns and full-scale product launches.

The intention to trigger an emotion or an experience requires more attention and creativity than your standard translation workflow. It’s time to give your creative investments the attention they need to drive effectiveness. Reach out here to see how we can help.