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Why tech-powered production should be your marketing focus for 2021 planning

Time to read: 2 minutes

Pushing digital and content evolution agendas come with a number of challenges: Diversification of messages, personalization, data integration... While it might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. A tech-powered production solution can be the starting point for driving this marketing transformation.

Whether your biggest challenge for 2021 is achieving brand centralization, asset production at scale or digital transformation - Production technology is an essential tool to modernizing your content strategy and allowing for change.

Here are four benefits of tech-powered production solutions:

  1. Take back brand control in an otherwise unpredictable market. If there is one term that marketers miss hearing the most, that is predictability. Using a tech-powered production platform is a great way to take control of your brand, campaigns, messages and the way they come to life in every target market. Tech-powered platforms increase visibility and set click-of-the-button processes to guarantee quality control and consistency across multiple versions, adaptations and countries.
  2. Balance brand centralization and regional customization. A centralized brand or campaign avoids the constant repetition of tasks and allows for quick amplification of content while being more budget-friendly, as it prevents task by task quoting. However, it’s important to find the right balance between global control and local representation. Production technology will allow for personalization, adaptation and localization at scale in an efficient and timely manner. All in all, finding the balance between brand centralization and localization is the key to saving costs and being more effective.
  3. Enable creativity, speed and digital content production at scale. A message becomes meaningless if it arrives when it’s no longer relevant. Marketing communication becomes fluid and straightforward with the right technology, since everything is on the same channel. Technology enables the proper quality control, automation, and data integration, making it easy to make the necessary changes and modifications at a moment’s notice. Work smarter, not harder.
  4. Leverage global talent; access a 24/7 team. This crisis has shown that no matter the situation, there is always a team available to fill our production needs. With the right technology, time zones and borders are no longer boundaries. A tech-powered platform can bring creatives, producers, project managers, agencies and stakeholders together while expanding the international pool of talent.

By leveraging production technology we’re enabling creativity and effective content that meets our brand and business goals. The production process is complex, but ultimately it can be streamlined with a technology platform that brings together your many briefs, agency partners and deployment channels, to work as one cohesive team. For more on what a modern production technology solution looks like check out this article.