A Unique, Integrated Approach To Translation

We are a dedicated business unit that helps clients navigate linguistic and cultural boundaries.

We have an unparalleled global network of copywriters and linguists in each major world market. These are coordinated by project managers operating from regional Craft hubs - all integrated with Craft’s process and technology platform.

Our Services

Craft Translation offers a full range of language services, including both transcreation of marketing copy by in-country copywriters and traditional and technical translation. Our team has vast experience working with Fortune 500 clients and manages a team of over 2,000 in-market linguists covering all major world languages and dialects.

Our services include:

  • Transcreation and copywriting
  • Technical and functional translation
  • Cross-cultural name and concept testing
  • Multilingual DTP, layout, and production
  • Multilingual process and technology consulting
  • Video voice-over and subtitling in all languages.


Seamless global adaptation is at the heart of Craft Worldwide’s value proposition. Craft Translation helps deliver on that promise:

Our team includes professional copywriters located in-market, around the world. A basic frustration with 'translation agencies' is that their resources are translators, not copywriters – the firms and their resources have little 'marketing DNA'. Our team includes professional marketing copywriters, qualified by specialty (as specific as consumer luxury goods vs., for example, direct-to-consumer healthcare messages). We continually monitor feedback to better match resources with client preferences in tonality and style.

Technical Translation

Craft Translation has over two decades’ experience in technical translations, with a focus on regulated environments (medical-device, financial, legal). We are driven by process and comply with ISO 9001. We help leading companies create robust, scalable translation processes that allow them to control quality at high volume in many languages and under tight deadline constraints.

Our team has an impressive track record in multiyear sole-outsourced language relationships with companies like Time, RR Donnelley, and Thomson & Thomson. Our team has been a preferred supplier to one of the world’s largest medical-device and life-sciences companies for over 20 years.

Technical Translation

We have made a name in high-value-added, multiyear relationships that:

  • are linguistically demanding (stylistically and/or technically)
  • involve complex project management (often extremely short deadlines, often involving IT tie-in)
  • include a large number of languages
  • require technological innovation, often with integrated automated workflow

Robert Sprung

Robert Sprung oversees Craft Translation’s linguistic operations. A veteran of the language business, he has managed large-scale quality-intensive language solutions for TIME magazine (weekly translation of the magazine’s foreign-language edition), Johnson & Johnson (preferred supplier for 20 years), Tiffany, and a wide range of other leading brands. A graduate of Harvard University, summa cum laude in modern and classical languages, he received an MA in modern languages with honors from Cambridge University (UK) on a Marshall Scholarship. He co-authored the book of case studies Translating Into Success: Cutting-Edge Strategies for Going Multilingual in a Global Age.

Join Our Team

Craft Translation derives its strength from its team.

What are the hallmarks of that team? A love of language, and a drive to solve linguistic problems. We look for people who are not interested in simply trafficking projects, but rather in delving into a brand’s essence – people who see it as their mission to help translate – carry across – that brand’s message, intact, from one market or cultural group to another.

We seek people who love language to help fulfill:

  • project managers experienced in translation or transcreation
  • interns and entry-level positions
  • copywriters and editors, all languages

Please send us a cover letter and résumé to: Translation.careers@craftww.com

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